Colbert-Cannet, Haut-Médoc


2016 Vintage
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Colbert-Cannet, Haut-Médoc
Available vintage: 2016

Blend : 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot
Wine making: traditional with thermoregulation short fermentation
Ageing: 10−12 monthes in vats
Keep: 5 years
Food and wine pairing: Easy to pair with numerous dishes (grill, cheese, etc.)
To be served at: 17° / 18°C

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2013 vintage
Beautiful light red robe. Cooked fruits and undergrowth nose. Soft and smooth attack in mouth with evolved notes. All your guests will be delighted by this vintage. This wine is ready to drink now.
2014 vintage
Beautiful brilliant red robe. Black fruits nose with a beautiful freshness supported by wood notes. You will find silken tannins in mouth with a sweet roundness. This vintage will fit perfectly with a nice pasta plate accompanied by dried tomatoes for example…Open the bottle few hours before tasting.
2015 vintage
Beautiful brilliant and seductive red robe. Small ripe fruits nose with almonds notes. Beautiful vivacity in mouth, greedy. A good aromatic length supported by light tannins.
VintagesAmateurs of young wines,
fruity & freshness
Amateurs of mature wines,
complexity & roundness
2014A boireA boire
2015A boireA boire